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Pixon Company Overview

Founded by a team of leading astrophysicists in 1997, Pixon® LLC is an innovative provider of image-enhancement solutions for critical applications in astronomy, defense, security, medical imaging, microscopy, and other fields.

The company applies information theory and hardware- or software-based numerical computation to the enhancement of still or video images. Our solutions offer to users a theoretically rigorous presentation of the totality of meaningful and usable image information resident in a raw data set. Images are made sharper, freed from noise, and relieved of obscuring glare, haze, or shadows. From the battlefield to the research laboratory, Pixon's imaging solutions transform raw data into actionable information, critical intelligence, medical insight, and scientific discovery.

Pixon's core technology is so general its applications reach well beyond imaging. Our Algebron® statistical tools make possible systematic analysis of complex historical data in order to forecast future outcomes. Applications include risk management, financial forecasting, and inventory control.

The Pixon Method

The Pixon Method is the underpinning technology for Pixon's image processing products. Designed initially for demanding applications in astronomical imaging, the Pixon Method removes the blurring effects of the atmosphere-even of the imaging instrument itself-in order to reveal image detail and contrast otherwise unavailable in the raw data. At the same time, the Pixon Method completely removes obscuring noise, all without generating confusing artifacts. The result is a processed image with detail, clarity, and contrast that approximates reality with the highest confidence that the data will allow.


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