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The Sky is the Limit, not Diffraction or Seeing

Astronomers constantly want to detect fainter objects and discern finer details. The Pixon digital image processing technology offers the best improvements possible in image quality:

  • Deblur images to undo the blur caused by diffraction or atmospheric seeing.
  • Denoise images without losing any of the resolution improvement achieved by deblurring.
  • No introduction of spurious artifacts during image processing.
  • Multiframe analysis to further improve the signal-to-noise ratio and resolution, including subpixel resolution.
  • Multispectral/hyperspectral analysis to optimize image processing by taking advantage of information obtained at different wavelengths.
  • Statistical flux conservation (no bias introduced).
  • User control of the tradeoff between noise suppression and resolution improvement.

Typical, artifact-free improvements in image quality are:

  • Reduction of the full-width at half maximum (FWHM) of the blur by a factor of a few.
  • Noise reduction by an order of magnitude or more.
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